• Comes with a variety of different necklaces!
  • Fun and easy to do!
  • We bring all everything!
  • Lots of different colored sands to choose from!
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    Want an AWESOME activity for your event? Try Sand Art!!

    Your guests get to choose from a selection of great characters and shaped necklaces, then they fill the necklace bottles with a variety of different colored sand creating a masterpiece in their own style!
    ...AND they get to KEEP their works of art!!!

    Easy and Fun to do!!

    We bring everything you'll need! Including the necklaces, and the colored sands in a Variety of Bright Colors, and more!!

    Available in packages of 25, 50, 100, and even up to 500!! (Yes, we've even handled that many people and more!!) Just let us know how many guests you are expecting and we'll handle the rest.

    Available WITH or WITHOUT an Fun Filled Entertainment attendant/staff member.

    Makes a great add-on to birthday parties and more!