• Balloon Animals!!
  • Air Brush Tattoos!
  • More Balloon Animals...
  • more face paint...
  • Even more balloons!!
  • It just keeps getting better!!
Retail: $250.00
Price: $150.00
You Save: $100.00 (40.0%)


    Awesomeness!!!  Balloon Animals by Jason!!!  AND Air Brush Face Painting / Tattoos by Jason too!!!!


    The kids will love this as Jason (one of the fastest twisters around) creates incredibly fast balloon creations per request and ALSO paint beautifully cool designs on your guests hands and faces!!

    The kids will love this!!

    60 minutes long.  Up to 25 kids.

    Great for ALL Ages!!!  (Especially ages 3 to 12)

    Access to One Outlet within 50 feet required.